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Rain On Your Wedding Day

Updated: Apr 23

One of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked by my couples is what happens if it rains. With the exception of the wedding chapel, all of our ceremonies are held outdoors and the concern is understandable. Florida is known as the Sunshine State, however, rain is common and frequent at Tropical locations. Although I can’t predict the weather (I wish I could!), after living in Florida for almost 30 years there are a few things I know I can expect:

  1. Mid May through early October is when it rains the most in Florida.

  2. July-September is when it rains the most.

  3. For the most part, it rains in the afternoon and it only lasts for a couple of hours. We rarely get days where it rains all day long. However, the thunderstorms can be really scary.

  4. Forecasts are not always accurate. We’ve gotten rained on with only a 10% chance of rain and we’ve had a perfect ceremony without rain with a 80% forecast.

The good news is that all the Orlando venues that we work with have a covered or indoor location we can use in case of rain. However, if you choose to get married on Cocoa Beach, there is no backup. That being said, with proper planning especially when choosing your ceremony time, you can avoid getting rained on your wedding!

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony in Orlando during our rain season, my best suggestions are:

  1. Choose a morning ceremony. As I mentioned earlier, it rains usually in the afternoon. When you choose a morning ceremony during our rain season, the chances of getting rained on your during the wedding are significant lower. The exception to this rule is for beach ceremonies because beach ceremonies are held later in the evening and usually it rains earlier in the afternoon.

  2. Arrive early. I can’t stress this enough! Arriving a few minutes early usually gives us time to beat the rain if we see it coming! Always add an extra 20 minutes commute time to the expected driving time.

  3. Be prepared and flexible. Bring umbrellas, wear water-proof makeup, and be willing to go with the flow!

  4. If you have guests, make sure they understand the importance of arriving early. I’m surprised as to how many guests expect the ceremony to start late. That might be true with a traditional wedding where the venue is usually available all day, but intimate ceremonies have a limited rental time. Most venues book intimate ceremonies back to back. Make sure they understand what’s expected.

  5. Purchase cancellation insurance in case of a Hurricane. Although rain is never a problem, there is always a possibility that your travel plans are cancelled if the State is under a Hurricane warning. Wedding cancellation insurance is an inexpensive investment that might help you recover some of the money lost in case you are forced to cancel your wedding plans. Click here for wedding cancellation details.

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