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Updated: May 1, 2023

Our goal is to make your elopement experience easy, which is why we include a beautiful fresh bouquet and a matching boutonniere with all of our packages. To keep it simple, we offer only two choices: roses in your choice of natural colors or a tropical bouquet. If you'd like to add some texture and variety to your rose bouquet, you can request carnations be included with your roses at no additional cost. Carnations are similar in shape and texture as peonies, but more affordable. Unlike peonies, which are only available during late-spring, carnations are available year-round. Check out the photo below with lavender roses and purple carnations - it's beautiful!

Have something in mind and want an upgraded bouquet instead? We'll gladly get you a quote from our florist! Do keep in mind, however, the cost of fresh flowers has increased drastically post-covid. You can expect to spend around $100 and up for most upgrades.

Rose bouquets are available in the following colors: white, pink (light or dark), red, lavender, yellow, peach, coral, and most natural colors. Which one do you think is the most requested bouquet? The answer might surprise you.... It's actually an all-white rose bouquet! The second most requested bouquet is pink roses followed by a tropical bouquet.

Credit: Flowers by our amazing florist Kim E's Flowers.

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