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Leu Gardens Ceremony Sites

Updated: May 12

When you book the Harry P Leu Gardens venue, you have the option of choosing your ceremony location from three different locations they offer.


The Idea Gazebo is where most of our ceremonies are held. It's large, grand, and beautiful. Although is tucked away in the garden, it is the closest gazebo to the main entrance. This spot is beautiful but it has NO shade for guests. We recommend this spot during the cool months of January-March only.


The Trellis is the only spot surrounded by trees and a lot of shade. It's tucked away on the back of the venue and it has 4 benches that accommodate about 10-12 guests. This spot is perfect during our warm months.


This cute little gazebo is tucked away in a wooded area of the gardens. It's the only spot that is covered (although the garden provides backup regardless of the spot you choose) and it's perfect for couples without guests. We can't setup chairs in this spot without making it difficult to walk through it or take photos, therefore, we recommend this spot only for couples without guests or couples with 2-3 standing attendees.

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